Margaret Cooper

Could you please pass on to Lena your staff member – as I am having trouble contacting her. I purchased 2 Quilters Companion Mag,s (with DVD,s) and neither DVD works. I have bought many of your mags – but am afraid I will no longer as this has happened to me previously. Lena asked me to send her pics of the DVD,s etc.

Hi Margaret,

Hope you have been super well.
Just wondering if you have received any response to this? If not, please do email mailorder@universalmagazines.com.au
We do apologies for any inconvenience.

Cathy Robertson

Why are there no pattern templates on the website beyond Vol No 85 for readers who access your magazine via Zinio? I love your magazine but really want to have the templates to enable me to make the patterns I have fallen in love with.

Hi Cathy,

Hope you have been well. We apologies for the delay. If you check now, all pattern sheets have been uploaded and they are now up to date.

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