Lynette Anderson on her ‘Stonehouse Garden’ fabric range.

In Quilters Companion #85, Wendy Sheppard has created a stunning quilt (pictured above) called Woodland Mosaic. In her quilt, Wendy used a new Lynette Anderson fabric range called Stonehouse Garden. We thought we’d ask Lynette to share a bit more info with us about this fabric range so you can learn about more about the fabric that made the quilt.

Q. How did you design the Stonehouse Garden range for RJR Fabrics?

A. The majority of drawings for this particular collection have been taken and manipulated from a stitchery quilt that I had previously designed called ‘In Full Bloom’. I loved the drawings that I did for this quilt and it seemed wasteful not to use them for another purpose and so the fabric collection was brought to life using the imagery from ‘In Full Bloom’. When I am designing a collection I like to have one feature print that is full of my hand drawn imagery and very much identifies the collection as a Lynette Anderson. The majority of the other prints within the collection are ‘itty bitty’ prints, the focus is often on the colour more than the drawings. Most of my quilts tend to be pictorial and so the ‘itty bitty’ prints really come into their own for me when I am designing a quilt.

Q. The colour palette is very gentle. Do you always work in these colours?

A. I do love the soft calming colours in my regular palette, they are colours that are easy to live with. Most years I am very lucky and get to release one collection which has stronger colours, I work hard tonsure that the stronger colours nicely compliment and work well with the softer colours thus giving me and others a larger palette to work with.

Q. What is your favourite colour?

A. I love mauves and soft blues, these days I don’t think there is a really a colour I don’t like. If you had asked me 10 years ago what colour I didn’t like I would have said ‘pink’ but it seems that now I have granddaughters that pink is very appealing to me 🙂

Q. Are you working on a new range?

A. There is never a dull moment here and yes I am working on a new range or two!! I work almost one year ahead and am very excited about the next collection due in stores any day called ’Summer Holiday’ which is slightly brighter colouring but still my favourite blues, mauves, soft greens and shell pinks. ‘Peacock Manor’ will be showing at Fall Market in the US and then for a bit of variety I have been busy designing a Halloween collection which has been a lot of fun to work on.

Wendy and Lynette at Fall Quilt Market

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